2024 Travel Trends

2023 is drawing to a close, and with year-in-review lists popping up all over, it’s no surprise to see travel and vacations in the top spots. All-inclusive resorts, cruises, and theme park vacations are as popular as ever, but what else is trending?

  • The rise of digital travel guides

A digital travel guide leverages interactivity, generally through a website or an app, and includes information on transportation and lodging, itinerary ideas, and links to restaurants, sights, and experiences that will help make your trip great. Viewable from your phone or tablet, you’ll have a detailed trip planner in the palm of your hand. Digital guides help maximize your travel experience and help reduce unnecessary stress, allowing for more spontaneous exploration.

Rio Travel Consulting is launching digital travel guides for select cities in 2024.

  • Experience-focused travel

Sometimes called experiential travel or immersion travel, it is focused on fully engaging with the history, people, culture, cuisine, and environment of a particular destination. For some, it’s staying in unusual lodgings rather than the traditional hotel or being off the beaten path to search out authentic local experiences. The goal for experiential travelers is to immerse themselves in a destination more deeply, often leading to personal growth and self-discovery.

  • Slow travel

Slow travel is about giving yourself permission to explore at a pace that allows you to really take in the world around you. It’s ideal for people who aren’t destination hoppers or who don’t want to fill their days seeing as many attractions as possible before collapsing into bed exhausted at the end of a long “vacation” day. Travelers who love this style are all about having rich experiences that make them feel connected, whether that’s through spending time in nature, exploring the local art scene, or just letting the day unfold.

  • Culturally sensitive travel

Travelers who want to be part of the culture and community seek connections through local events or tours and activities that are authentic or unique to a destination. The goal is to experience an area’s true essence by honoring its customs, traditions, and etiquette.

  • Wellness travel

The wellness travel industry continues to grow and expand. It remains focused on improving personal and spiritual health, and is expanding beyond retreats, spa treatments, holistic healing experiences, or cuisine. Many destinations are creating custom wellness itineraries that incorporate traditional experiences along with tailored programs that include personalized nutrition and exercise plans, coaching, and healing therapies. Wellness is not one size fits all, and the industry is responding to that by recognizing that the traveler’s goal is to rest and rejuvenate in a way that best suits their induvial needs.