Five Ways to Tell if Solo Travel is Right for You

Do you dream about exotic adventures in faraway places, but don’t always see someone else there with you?

Is your idea of the perfect trip spending your days wandering incredible destinations with exactly zero plan beyond the current moment?

Have you found yourself wanting to explore the world beyond the traditional tourist destinations? And do you have an insatiable curiosity about it all?

If so, you may be a solo traveler at heart. Below are five ways to know if it’s for you:

  1. Natural curiosity – Taking trips to new places, learning about other cultures, and embracing different customs and beliefs are all key traits of someone who was born to explore. The natural high that comes from learning something new in turn creates a deeper appreciation of the world around us.
  2. Self-awareness – Solo travelers tend to be very reflective and willing to push themselves past their comfort zones. They are also naturally adaptable and flexible, able to roll with whatever challenges come their way. Solo travelers know themselves well and are always open to learning more.
  3. Creativity and imagination – People who enjoy traveling solo find endless inspiration and creativity in their adventures. They connect with the art, music, and energy of a place so much that they are often inspired to create or start something new. They find beauty in everyday things.
  4. Confidence – Because travel requires stepping out of the comfort of the day-to-day, solo travelers are often fearless about their adventures. They know that every destination provides new experiences and a chance to grow in the most amazing ways.
  5. Independence – Anyone who travels solo is comfortable in their own company. They know they can rely on themselves to problem solve, make decisions, and deal with any challenges that arise.