Rio Wellness

The name Rio – Spanish for river – comes from a lifelong feeling of peace and contentment when on the water.

Welcome to Rio Wellness

Rio is my way of turning my lifelong pursuit of peace, healing, and balance into a wellness center that would provide others with the resources and tools that have been so helpful in my journey.

The Journey

Patti Callahan

a memior

Identity is complicated. At least it was for me. I lost decades to its uncertainty. To questioning my worth, my value, my very existence. Viewing myself through the tainted lens of unimportance guided every decision in a lifelong quest to validate a truth I mistakenly believed to be gospel. An unexpected epiphany led to more questions and the discovery of a lifelong coverup. To proof that I had been living the wrong truth. The search for peace took me to New Orleans, Disneyland, and the greatest cities in Europe. To psychics, therapists, and energy healers. But ultimately, it took me to myself.

Other Books

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