The Gift of Solo Travel

I never believed solo travel could be fun. I firmly believed I had to have someone with me to enjoy the sights and make the memories. After all, who would I be able to share the “remember when…” and the “this reminds me of that time…” stories with if I traveled alone? Wouldn’t it be lonely? How could it possibly be safe? How would I find my way around unfamiliar places without someone to help me navigate?

A few years ago, the universe decided I needed to push past all that anxiety. I was born with the soul of a traveler and being single had to stop being a roadblock. I needed to quiet the noise in my head asking “how” and “what if” and find the courage to step out of my comfort zone. So, I did it. That first trip was eye-opening and such a gift. Yes, I had a few moments here and there that crept dangerously close to loneliness, but they didn’t last. What lasted was an unexpected joy, a quiet beauty, and so many opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

After that first trip, I was hooked. I now regularly travel solo and it reinvigorates my world in a way nothing else can. Here are a few reasons why:

Independence –

Solo travel, by definition, requires independence. What it has brought to my life is an expansion of it. Being on an independent adventure forces me to have faith in my abilities, especially in areas where I would normally rely on someone else. If I make a wrong turn, need sightseeing tips, or even just a dinner recommendation, it’s on me to ask for help and figure it out. It’s amazing how much you can do when no one is around to solve the problem for you.

Captain of your own adventure –

Want to spend all day in museums looking at amazing old stuff without having to worry about anyone else’s experience? Or maybe just wander around exploring the town with no plan at all? On a solo adventure, you can! You can even go back to the same restaurant as many times as you want for that one amazing dish you just can’t get enough of. Whatever you want to do, you can. What a gift.

Quiet time –

I am an introvert by nature and need a lot of time to recharge. Solo travel means that whenever I need a break from humanity and from my adventures, I can retreat to my hotel room or a quiet pub to journal and unwind, or do nothing at all.

No drama –

Enough said.

Inspiration –

Being in a new place, away from the routines of daily life, brings a clarity you may not have known you were seeking. I ended my first solo trip feeling both empowered and inspired. That was the trip where I learned I could rely on myself and conquer the noise. And it was on my most recent adventure where I found the inspiration (and the courage) to change my life.