The Power of Intent

Our first workshop sold out and we are so grateful to everyone who supported us. I chose malas as a kickoff event because they are a natural progression of the create-the-life-you-want journey I have been on for the past 18 months. I love the intentional choosing of the stones and beads. I love learning about what each can support and manifest in the wearer. I love taking a moment to pause when forming the knots to seal my intent and repeat my affirmation.

Mostly, what I loved about the process (and the workshop!) is the idea that our paths are not solely-defined by the outside world. Yes, some things are fully beyond our control. But the inherent power in mindfully choosing how to adapt to what life gives is immense. Throughout this journey, regular affirmations to remind me that I always have a choice and that I can intentionally change my life have been the most powerful of truths.

Choosing a stone or bead to outwardly represent what I am inwardly trying to manifest is a beautiful reminder to breathe and return to my intent. When the chaos and noise of daily life threatens to distract me or trigger the anxiety I have long-struggled to manage, choosing to focus on my intent and on what I can control helps calm my mind.

For me, the difference between intent and wishing or hoping is simple. Intent solidifies my power. It requires that I participate in my life and my future. My intent is my life’s voice, and no one should sacrifice their voice.